10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love

10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love 2

African print necklaces are quite the bomb if you ask me. It takes time and effort to create these intriguing masterpieces with prints.

Let me ask you this random question. Are you a big fan of African print? If your answer is “yes, “

then, there is no doubt you love everything and anything made from the African print aka ankara or kitenge.

I have been a serious fan of African prints since my childhood and I don’t think I will be giving it up anytime soon.

In my quest to search for more print ideas to load on this blog, I chanced upon these beautiful  print necklaces that are quite sophisticated and artistic.

The styles of which the print has been designed into are all breathtaking.

Heads up!!! This post contains affilliate links. This means I will get a commission if you purchase through the links in this blogpost. The proceeds helps me payup my tuition fees.


The following images you are about to see are dangerously gorgeous and enthralling. Seeing them without purchasing is at your own risk 🙂

African Print Button Necklace By AphiaSakyi

African print Necklaces

This neckpiece is made from good ole buttons. The buttons have been covered in different Ankara prints which makes it a colorful display.

It has an adjustable piece attached to it to help you adjust it however you want

African Print Body Necklace

African print button necklace

A wealthy display of colors characterises the full body suit necklace.

The designer worked her magic in creating this eelegant neck and body accessory.

African Print Fringe Necklace by AphiaSakyi

African print necklaces

Another stunning and elegant piece by AphiaSakyi.

This is a fringe necklace which is made from carefully selected african prints to deliver this exquisite neck piece.

African Print Rope Necklace by Quistt

African print rope necklace

A beautiful necklace made in ropes.

The different beautiful Ankara prints mixed in designing the necklace is greatly impressive.

It is the perfect neckpiece to add a unique style to an evening outing.

African Ankara Button Necklace by QuisttleSafro

African print button necklace

A simple piece of African print which is designed with buttons. Every layer of the button is painstakingly hand stitched.

Beautiful Ankara Beaded NeckPiece by Bamezcrafts

African beaded necklace

An intricately beaded neck piece that is appealing and eye catching.

It will practically highlight your necck with its electrifying color.

Multistrand African Print Cord Necklace by Cloth&Cord

10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love 3

I love this neck piece. The strands are beutifully made with different ankara prints.

All strands are uniquely made with love.

Sunkissed Maruler Kente Choker by Cloth&Cord

10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love 4

This choker is made with the most famous African print pattern.

The bright colors of kente patterns enhance the overall looks of the choker.

4 Strand African Print Necklace by Cloth&Cord

10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love 5

A simple 4 strand choker piece that is subtle in looks yet loud in style.

African Bib Necklace by Cloth&Cord

10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love 6

This necklace comprises a choker and strands exquisitely combined together, elongating your neck to look more graceful.


I had the most fun showing you some of the beautiful African print necklaces that are available for purchase.

Some may be pricey others too are affordable.

You should only buy what you can only afford. I am sure the designers wouldn’t mind what you choose to buy.

Afterall every sale is a sale . lol

That’s a wrap here. Please do not forget to leave a comment in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “10 Beautiful African Print Necklaces You Will Love”

  1. I’ve been looking for some fancy necklace that I may match with my simple shirt. Thank you for sharing this; the African print rope necklace that is designed with different Ankara prints is gorgeous. I wonder where I can find a shop that sells various types of these.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for passing by. You can actually get different types of these necklaces on Etsy. Click on any of the images in the blog post and it will take you straight to the Etsy shop.

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