Ankara Maxi Gowns


Ankara Maxi Gowns

You are about to see the new stylish ankara maxi dresses that are trending this year. I am practically possessed and obsessed with ankara dress styles.

In other words , my love for Ankara knows no bound. And it is practically because of that I have decided to start learning how to sew.

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! I have been playing around with the idea of going in to sewing ankara prints on my own for a long time. But,as the big procrastinator I am, I keep on putting it on hold.

That not withstanding, no one can defeat the fact that ankara prints turned into maxi dresses styles are stylish and gorgeous. I have a cousin who is totally obsessed with ankara maxi dresses.

She’s in the U.S. and whenever she comes to Africa for holidays,she makes sure to sew as much as she can carry in her luggage.

Let me just say she’s a maxi dress hoarder.(lol) Does she even wear them? That’s another discussion for another time


Before you view these latest african print maxi dresses, let me hasten to add that,

This post contains affilliate links  which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclosure for details.

Now that is out of the way, you can view and buy stylish ankara maxi dresses that are trending this year.


This maxi dress is beautiful. I especially love the african print that was used in making the dress style. The dress features a wrap belt and pockets which makes it more beautiful.

New stylish ankara maxi dresses


Ankara maxi dress styles tend to be really beautiful when it features a high thigh slit. This style does justice to the print style.

New stylish ankara maxi gown

Another high thigh slit ankara maxi gown. It has a wrap belt that comes with the dress.

New stylish ankara maxi dresses

Beautiful and colorful rose petal ankara print maxi gown. Everything about this dress screams elegance.

African print maxi dress styles

This maxi dress is gathered at the waist. The cape adds a style to the dresss.

African print maxi dress style
New stylish ankara maxi dresses

This ankara maxi dress is totally neat and beautiful. The sleeve of the dress is not regular sleeve style that normally goes with maxi dresses and that makes it more unique.

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New stylish ankara maxi dress styles

African print maxi dress styls are no longer boring. This style is no exception. I particularly love the twisted front style of the dress.

African print maxi dress styles

If you love showing more cleavage, then this style is right style for you. The deep v neck style and the thigh slit is just so perfect.

New stylish ankara maxi dresses

See? I told you maxi dress styles are no longer having boring sleeve style. This dress has bishop sleeves which makes he maxi dress all the more appealing.

Latest ankara maxi dress

You can’t go wrong when you wear simple fashion styles. This african print maxi dress design is simple and gorgeous and I love it.

Ankara maxi dresses

I have just one word to describe this style and that is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. The model did justice to the dress too.

Finding ankara dresses which are already made is not difficult at all. Thanks to social media and various fast shipping methods.

You can be in the comfort of your home and order an ankara dress and wait for at least seven (7) to fourteen (14) working days to receive your order. Ain’t that simple?

African print maxi dress new look

Another simple yet beautiful ankara maxi wrap dress.

Ankara maxi dresses

I can’t get enough of this dress. Everything about was well tailored and looks elegant. If you look closely you will see that it was made with two different prints but they merge soo well.

Ankara maxi dress

This style is quite simple and modest. Perfect for a low key occasion.

More print maxi dress styles

These new stylish ankara maxi dresses are the current ish for 2019. I really hope you are enjoying every bit of the styles as I am.

New stylish ankara maxi dresses

Ankara maxi skirt style. Maxi skirts are also trending this year. You need to get your self one to be part of the trend setters

New stylish ankara maxi dresses

African print patterns are simply beautiful and this dress right here proves that. The off shoulder dress with a dapper puff sleeve is the icing on the cake for this dress.

African print maxi dress

We always see necklines in v shapes or round.Elegance indeed goes with simplicity. The neck line style of the dress makes it quite elegant and exquisite. If this dress is giving you ankara dress style goals, then I tell you, you should go hundred percent for it.

Ankara patchwork maxi dress

I call this designer the queen of patch works. She uses scraps from different ankara print designs to bring out this brilliant patchwork maxi dress style you see here.

Ankara patchwork maxi dress style

Another patchwork design from the same designer above to fall in love with. Just as the patchwork dress style above, the style features cascading flounce from the neckline and stops at the half length of the dress.

This exquisitely designed patch work maxi dress style is just so divine. It has over 20 different ankara print scraps. These scraps have been beautifully mixed up and sewn to make this gorgeous flowing maxi dress.

Ankara patchwork maxi dress

Am I doing too many patchwork styles? Let’s face it patch work dresses are beautiful. It brings the fun out of the dress. Your maxi dress shouldn’t be boring at all and this dress is just the right color work dress for you.

Ankara patchwork maxi dress
New stylish ankara maxi dresses

Remember this neck line style dress from earlier? It makes the dress lovelier.

African print maxi dresses are not used to being busy like this style. The assymetric neck line which accentuates the neck plus the straps for tying around the arm, makes the style stand out like no other.

New stylish ankara maxi dresses

This is a two set african print maxi dress style. The blouse is a no sleeve with a twisted piece of the fabric that goes round the cleavage area. This piece is both sexy and alluring. Perfect for that red carpet occassions.

Latest ankara maxi dress styles and designs.

New stylish ankara maxi dresses

Where my plus sizes at? Holla up in the comments section below. This dress was made with a plus size woman in mind. Maxi dress styles for plus size ladies shouldn’t be voluminous as it makes the plus size woman more voluptuous. This style works perfectly for all plus sizes.

African print maxidres for plus size

Styled to perfection. The cold shoulder sleeves coupled with the plunging neckline creates a cohesive style suitable for the print.

Ankara maxi dress

Assymmetric necklines are beautiful. The style here does complete justice to the dress. It is simple and very modest. Suitable for low key occasions.

Ankara maxi dress

I need me some ankara patchwork skirt. The maxi skirt which was made with different wax prints is on top of its game. The patches which have been intelligently placed together is wonderful.

Ankara maxi skirt

Nubian tribal wax prints are the newest trends in wax print patterns and you should by now know why it is so. They absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. The choice of print for this maxi skirt style adds to the beauty of the skirt.

Ankara maxi skirt

Hell yeah!!!! This stylish maxi dress style is giving a run for my money. There is something edgy and dangerous about it and I love that

Ankara maxi dress

They are lovely right? I also think so.My post on the best and trendy ankara styles is s a hit. You should check it out!

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below;they are absolutely and warmly welcome.


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