Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. It can even get worse when you don’t get the needed information to start a new blog.

Trust me, I was in that category for a long time, until I started to get more serious.

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Moving on, there are some blogging mistakes that I made which I really regret.

In this blog post, I am going to highlight 7 blogging mistakes I made and I regret sorely when I decided to start an African fashion blog.

I hope my mistakes would not be repeated by you when you decide to create a blog of your own.

Let’s get started…….

1.Starting a blog for free

To begin with, my top most regret when it comes to blogging was starting with a free blog on WordPress.

I didn’t know much about blogging then. I thought that I was in luck with starting a blog for free. How wrong I was!

Starting a blog free can be a good start but it has a lot of limitations that does not make your blog function as you would want it to be.

The best place to start a blog is not on a free platform but rather on a shared hosting platform like Bluehost, Siteground, Hostinger or Namecheap.

The limitations of starting a new blog with free webhosts

  • The blog extension that you will get will not look professional. For instance, if you decide to start your blog for free on WordPress, your domain name will look like style.wordpress.com.
  • Google does not rank blogs that are free on google
  • Free blog hosting does not allow you to download plugins that can make you run your blog smoothly.
  • The company offering your free blog hosting can shut down at any time. When that happens, it shuts down along with your blog and puff!! all your hard work is gone.
  • No monetization allowed. Let’s face it. Everybody has got to reap the benefits of their hard work. Starting your blog with free hosting especially with WordPress,limits you from monetizing your blog posts. But the hosting company would rather display their adverts on your blog. So, the company will be the one reaping off from your hard work.

However, a free web hosting company like Blogger which is owned by Google allow bloggers on their platform to monetize their blogs through google adsense. However, very few advertisers will bid on free webhosting blogs to place their advertisement there.

I have here a blog post on how to set up a blog easily with no stress. You can follow the steps and start your own blog.

2. Blog name researching


This, by far, has been the biggest mistake I have ever made. Although my blog name depicts what this blog is about, I feel that the blog name is too long and quite boring.

I wish I had researched enough to create a more catchy blog name.

Because I don’t want you to commit the same mistake when choosing a blog name, these are the list of things you should do when choosing your blog name

  • Make a list of blog names you had like for your blog.
  • The blog name should be catchy enough to make people want to click on it.
  • Include the keyword you would want your blog to rank on google for.
  • Ask for ideas from friends regarding the possible blog name out of the lists you have made.

If I had really known and done the things on the list above, I am sure I would have come up with a more classy and catchy blog name.


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When it comes to creating a blog, choosing a good Webhosting company to host your blog is very important. There are a lot of web hosting companies out there which you can choose from.

However, not all of these web hosting companies provide the best experience. I decided to host my blog on GoDaddy because it was cheap and I can say I am totally regretting my decision sorely.

Most times, my site breaks down. Which means that my site was not loading for all viewers visiting my site. The longest time my site was down was an hour. Often times, it breaks down for 4 minutes which is quite irritating. This occurs at least once or twice each week.

How to choose a good Web host when starting a new blog

  • Reviews from other blogs on the choice of Webhosting you want to use. You can find such information by searching for it on google. There are a lot of websites that give massive and legitimate information on different web hosting companies.
  • Their support service. Some companies offer online chat support system others do not. Godaddy has that flaw.
  • How fast your blog can run on this host. I thought that all web hosting companies provide the same speed. How wrong I was. Webhosting companies like siteground and Bluehost are said to be the best when it comes to blog speed and uptime. The average time a viewer is willing to wait for a website or blog to load is 1 sec. Yes so if your web hosts load time is very slow, then search engines will frown on your site. Your search ranking suffers the most when this happens.
  • The Security of your blog if you host it with a company. You should also put into consideration how secured your blog will be; in terms of hackers hacking into the hosting environment and disrupting all activities. Some Webhosting companies like Bluehost provide the site lock feature. This feature protects your blog from being hacked into by hackers.

4. Redirecting blog posts from my old blog to my new blog

If you have a blog running on a free hosting site and you want to move to a paid shared hosting platform, pleeeeeease don’t make the expensive mistake that I made. I didnt do a 301 redirect from my old blog to my new blog.

A 301 redirect simply means directing a URL to another URL. For instance, my old blog’s URL was http://www.africanfashionandlifestyles.wordpress.com and I changed to https://www.africanfashionandlifestyles.com.

So in this case, I should have had all my blog posts from my old blog’s URL redirected to my new blog’s URL.

I hope I’m making sense if not check out this post by blog HubSpot to get a better understanding of what I meant.

Long story short, I deleted my old blog before realizing the mistake I had made. Don’t be like me. My old blog was generating a decent amount of visitors and views every day and I messed it up.

I could have redirected readers who are still getting links from my old blog to my new blog which could have helped increase my page views by a decent amount.

5. Keywords Researching


Never forget to do this holy grail in blogging in this century. Keywords are words that people use on search engines to get information about stuff they want to know. There are millions and millions of people who are always using search engines to get various types of information.


In writing blog posts, there is the need to use relevant key words, so that search engines can pull up your blog post when somebody types in a keyword that is relevant to your post. This way of looking up words is known as SEO

There are tools that are actually used for researching key words that will be relevant to the posts you will be writing about.

These keywords research tools lets you know what other people are searching for which is kind of in the same niche you are writing about.

Some of these keyword research tools are free others too are paid. The most outstanding free keywords research tool I have come to unconditionally love is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

Trust me, if I had known about this keyword research tool, I think I would have started off smoothly when it comes to blog posts writing.

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How to search for keywords for your blog post

  • Use ubersuggest or any keywords research tool to search for keywords that are relevant to your blog posts.
  • Write down possible keywords that you can use in your blog posts.
  • Use the keywords you have written down and come up with a catchy blog post title.
  • Choose a keyword you will want your blog to rank for from your list of keywords. It is called the focus keyphrase
  • Make sure to sprinkle the keywords you want to use throughout your entire blog post.
  • Keywords you will be searching for should have less than 500 monthly search volume

The use of keywords in blog posts helps immensely to optimize hour blog posts for search engines. Never ever underestimate the power of keywords



I can’t help but feel stupid any time the thought of me deleting my old blog comes to mind. In addition to not creating 301 redirects, it gives me the feeling of a dumbass. What even hurts me most is that I deleted it for a mere silly reason.

It got deleted because I was jealous that my old blog was getting more views than my new blog. Now, I know it was a dumb move so stop saying it😊.

I actually had the option to pay $13/yr for WordPress.com to redirect my old blog posts viewers to my new blog. As stingy as I was, I didn’t do it.

Now, to the last and the most regretful I did when I decided to start all over again. It still hurts me. Continue to read to find out

7. Not monetizing my blog early enough 

They will tell you not to monetize from the onset and that’s fine. I mean each to their own thoughts right? Exactly. I regret not applying to affiliate sites like Awin and Shareasale early enough.

What’s more, I should have applied to Google Adsense as soon as maybe I published my 10th post. I waited till I hit 30 before applying. Adsense has been so far my highest form of earning on this blog. 


Starting a new blog is not as difficult as it may sound. A proper research in what you want to blog about may take you smoothly off the newbue blogger syndrome.

I hope this blog post has been helpful. Make sure to share if it has been helpful to you

Ok is your turn. What are some of the blogging challenges you are facing? 

Share in the comments section


  1. I appreciate your honesty. Starting a blog isn’t as easy as it seems at first. There are so many things to consider and one choice can impact later choices. It can be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Wow! The tips are amazing for a newbie blogger. I wish someone could guide me that good when I started off blogging

  3. Great post. Monetizing my blog is something I want to improve on. Luckily, I have my blog powered by Bluehost but I want to eventually get on a self hosted site ♥️

  4. These are some pretty good tips. I wish I’d known them before I started, especially about the free blogs. I am now looking to move my blog.

  5. “Google does not rank blogs that are free on google” – this is not true. I’ve moved all my self hosted WP blog to Blogger – and only needing to buy a domain name for one. SEO does not depend on who hosts your blog

  6. These are important to know before and when creating a new blog. I will definitely save this and will share with my blogger friends as well.

  7. I wish I had read this 5 years ago before I started my own blog. I made many of the mistakes you mention and many others I can’t even recall without wincing at my own ignorance 🙂

    1. Learning from your mistakes makes you an experienced person. Take pride in the fact you have learnt from your mistakes and you can also help other newbie bloggers with your experience.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing from your past mistakes. I am brand new to blogging and everything you have shared makes perfect sense. It is so great that you are willing to help others avoid these potential road blocks. Best Wishes

    1. I wish I had someone tell me these things when I first decided to blog. I hope to help new bloggers like you more to help make your blogging journey a success.

  9. These are all great points to consider when starting a blog. There are definitely some things I would like to go back in time and change! So useful to know before creating your site.

  10. We also started blogging for free and so many press releases on our blog. Now I don’t have much time to remove them all but they hurt my stats somehow.

  11. I agree. There is also something satisfying about starting a self-hosted blog. Paying for a host and domain gives you the zeal for consistency. This is a good post.

  12. I know many bloggers personally who made the mistake of not investing in their blog from the very start. As a result, they only continued for a few months and then gave up. Thanks for sharing these mistakes, it’ll help a lot of new bloggers!

  13. Great advice! So many people start with a free host and regret it immediately. I’m glad I had people like you to guide me when I first began and I’m STILL learning!

  14. Thank you for sharing steps that have helped you along your journey and for your honesty. We can all take these tips into consideration when running our blogs.

  15. Oh…I remember my early days of blogging. I was doing it as a child lost in fair. Then gradually Iearned many things in the field of blogging.
    Your post is really informative collectively,for a beginner.
    It would defined helpful for them.

  16. Free blog and wrong hosting had been my biggest mistakes ever. I am sharing this post because I know a few people who wanna start their own blog.

  17. When I started my blogging journey I definitely made a lot of these mistakes and ended up quitting for 4 years cause I was over it. I’ve started this journey again with more knowledge than ever. I am still learning a lot though and this is a great list. Thanks!

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