African black soap: My Experience using it!

What I’m about to talk about is based on my view on using the African black soap. You can choose to agree or disagree. 😉


The all natural African black soap

The African black soap was what our fore African mothers and fathers used to bathe before the “white man” came and introduced his version of what he calls a proper soap for bathing.

The soap is made from few ingredients. These ingredients are: palm oil( from palm fruit)

Shea butter,coconut oil ,cocoa pod ash. You can get your black soap here

When I started using African black soap

I started using the black soap in 2009. I had then entered in to senior high school as a boarding student. At that young age ,I decided I was going to start using all natural products for my skin hence my decision on using the black soap as my bathing soap. Want find out more? Continue reading!

African black soap
African black soap

I started using it and boyyyy did it feel good to bathe with. It lathered up so easily and it felt soo good on my skin. I remember feeling sooo refreshed after every bath.W

My Experience using it

I used the black soap to bathe for some time and I realised that my skin was changing for the better but at a horrible price. Can you guess why? Continue reading to find out!

I got all itchy and scratchy any time I bathed with the black soap. So I discussed it with my mom and she told me to change where I buy my black soap because it could be that the secret ingredient used by the vendor may not agree with my body and that was why I was getting that reaction. I took my mom’s advice and changed the vendor. This time the itching became worse and I had another horrible reaction which made me realise that the black soap was definitely not for me.

Readers, after the itching and scratching, my body started getting odours which was bad especially my armpits(I definitely did not have body odours before using the black soap).God the smell was bad. No amount of deodorant could tame the smell. It was awful.

I discussed it with my mom again and she gave me the idea of using black soap that has lemon in it as it could eradicate the body odour.

Girl got one this time mixed with lemon and oh the smell was heavenly. I just loved the smell of the lemon mixed with the black soap. But do you know what? This new combination gave me the itch and scratch of my life.

I surrendered!(lol). I completely stopped using the black soap in the same year I started using it. My dream of having my skin smooth was killed.

Sooo I stopped using it completely and I have never used some to bathe again till date.

My advice on using the soap….

Now Wait! I am in no way saying black soap is bad. No no no! Far from that. It is what I experienced when I used it. My sisters use it without getting any of the reactions I got. I now use black soap only for my hair. But if you have been having the same reactions as I had, I suggest you stop using it. Not all of us can be part of a trend. Duh!!!

But I seriously hope to try it again to see if may be I have out grown the reactions. Check out my post on Shea butter!

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Do you have similar reactions with the black soap?Let me know in the comments section below.

Have you heard of African black soap? Do you use it? In this post, I share my experience using the African black soap. Find out more here!

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