African straight dresses

African fashion is in vogue and so are ankara lace styles. Never underestimate the power of the African print when it comes to whipping out styles for any occasion.

I am an African girl with a heart and appreciation for African print. Although the african print does not originate from Africa, it was inspired by the energy of Africans. Read my post on the best and trendy ankara styles to find out why I love African print fashion.

You would love the African print no matter where or who you are. I simply love the ankara print.

The African print comes in different colorful prints. There are the dashiki prints,kitenge prints, kente prints, tribal prints and so much more.

In today’s edition, we will be taking a look at the latest ankara lace styles. Ankara mixed with the lace tends to really stand out and they are dresses that can be worn on or to any occasion.

Check out some ankara lace styles below.

You can see that all the ankara styles pictures being shown to you here in this post, are the most beautiful latest ankara styles.

This goes on to show you how much ankara lace dresses are in trend therefore you should also join the wagon of ankara lace dress styles.

Various ankara lace styles for ladies like these are absolutely worthy to have in your ankara fashion closet . It rather adds a depth of style and dynamism in your wardrobe.

Where to get ankara dresses to buy online

If you love african print as i do then you definitely want to know where to buy some.

Thank God the internet came.

There are a ot of marketing platforms that deals in handmade african clothing.

Etsy,grass-fields, truefond and so many others sell these type of African clothings.

How To wash ankara prints

The best and recommended way to wash ankara fabric is by hand. Yes! If you want it to last longer, i recommend washing it by hand and with soap and water only.

This helps keeps the colours intact. Another trick to help keep the colors intact is by adding salt to the water you are washing the fabric in.

But,if you still insist on washing it in the washing machine,then check out this blog post on how to care for african print fabric by Louisa. Shes got a gold mine of information on african prints.


Ankara and lace combination styles always makes the dress out come quite beautiful and unique.  



Check out my other blog posts on african ankara styles. You would love them.

That’s a wrap. I love every bit of information and style here. Do you? Let me know in the comments section below. They are gladly appreciated.

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