I really love and mostly inspired by black women quotes. Inspirational quotes by some of these strong women tends to reach inside you and pull you out of your darkness.

Again, black women all over the world are known to be women who don’t let circumstances stand in their way. Neither do they let their failures to define them.

As a certified and true black woman who was born and raised in Africa by a single strong black woman, I know how words by a woman who has seen it all have an effect on you.

The experiences they go through helps them coin words that also helps other women who are facing the same situation to rise up and beat that situation to its face.

Black women at large are looked down upon in various ways. Especially women who are born and raised in Africa. Other black women around the world suffer the ignorant disease of racism because of their skin color by other race. It takes words of inspiration to encourage us to do more than what people expect.

Black women quotes t shirts

Moving on, I personally feel that the therapeutic way to move away from a “dark hole” you are in, is to have a daily inspirational quote and chant it every day to help you out in your day to day activities.

Another way to boost your confidence with these inspirational quotes is by wearing them. Wearing dresses or t shirts with inspirational quotes on them can boost your self confidence and raise your self esteem.

Trust me, whenever I wear a t shirt with inspirational quotes on them, I tend to walk with high shoulders. That’s because I feel like I have conquered my innermost fears by wearing a powerful armour.

So, I found some t-shirts with quotes for black women which are very inspiring.

They are selling for less than $30. Get yourself one and get inspired.

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I love this particular shirt inscription. It talks more about holding your head up high and being confident with yourself.

Every star has a meaning. If you are an Aries black woman then this shirt is for you.

So how do your friends influence you.? When you are down ,encouragements  from friends can lift you up by a ton. Get this shirt for you and your friends.

Black women are hugely emotional. Our emotional feelings tends to mess us up in a lot of ways. Instead of catching feelings that are unhealthy, why not catch a flight with your girls?

As a black woman it is very important to feel confident in your skin color. You are blessed to have melanin in your blood. Appreciate it by telling the world.

Just like that. Tell them you are black Af.

If it’s not our colour they dont like, then its our hair. How messed up is that? Let them know you are a super natural hair sista with no apology.

Its always good to have fun girl trips with friends
You should always live your best life. Don’t let the harsh reality of life bring you down. You are what you make your self.
Do not settle for less. Recognize the beauty you have as authentic. Everybody has a unique beauty inside and out of them. Make yours authentic.
Yes! go on living your best life. Don’t leave your life for anybody
What defines you as a strong black woman? All the answers are there on the shirt.
If all of us could be the inscription on this shirt.
Finally for my strong women born in July this is just for you.


Thank you so much for passing by and reading through my rants.

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