15 Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair

What actually is a protective hair style?

The protective hairstyles are hairstyles that protect natural hairstyles from breaking and a term usually used by people who have natural hair.

These protective hairstyles basically protect the ends of the hair, helps it from tangling, and prolongs hair life

A protective style could be pulling your hair into a bun after washing it. Putting on weaves too is also a form of a protective hairstyle.

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Types of protective hairstyles

Protective hair styles can be done by using your natural hair. Another way of of protecting your hair is by adding artificial hair to your hair. You can do faux locs,Havana braids,Ghana braids,box braids etc.

In today’s post, we will be showing some of the protective hairstyles. Both using your natural hair and adding hair.


Protective hair styles

Braids are one of the best protective styles for natural hair types. It prevents your natural hair from breaking during bad weather conditions.

Some naturalistas have brittle hair and it is easily broken especially during dry weather conditions. It is therefore very important to put your hair in braids to protect your hair.

Protective hair styles

This style works for all hair types. It is done with bundles of artificial hair to protect the roots of your natural hair.

Protective hair styles

A protective hairstyle like this not only protects your hair but it also makes braids look exciting to look at. The beautiful way the hair has been braided gives this style an alluring look.

Protective hair styles

Another beautiful hair braid style you can copy to have as a style to protect your black natural hair.

Protective hair styles
Protective hair styles

Protective hair styles

Faux locs are increasingly becoming popular ways to protect natural hair types. They are easy to do and very beautiful.

you want your hair to grow? this is one of the protective hairstyles for natural hair growth.

My hair is natural and I must say it is one of the most stubbornest hair I have ever seen. It is as hard as rock (lol). The catch here is, I am really lazy when it comes to keeping my hair from breaking.

The salon and braids are my worst my enemies. I just hate going to the salon and putting my hair in any kind of braid. These two are just so painful for me. But, I had a change of heart regarding to how I keep my hair because, I saw that I was mistreating my hair which was not fair.

So, I got my self some natural hair products annnd started putting my hair in protective hair styles. I won’t lie and say my hair has increased in volume. Nope far from that but it is softer and manageable now. Number 13 is my most favorite style now.

All these protective hair styles can help protect your hair and you should try them out to see which one suits your hair.

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