How to start a fashion blog


I am not a blogging connoisseur when it comes to how to create a fashion blog. But, I do have a little knowledge on the topic considering the fact that you are here reading a blog post of mine.

Fashion and style blogging is one of the most popular blog niches. If you have the passion and heart of a fashionista, then, this is the  time to be a fashion blogger and you can actually start a blog for free or cheap.


Learning how to create a fashion blog can be quite daunting. You may be bombarded with a lot of information that are quite a lot to take in. But, don’t panic! I am going to share with you how to create a blog easily as I did mine.


I would not say it was not without some challenges. No, scratch challenges . I went through a hell of a time becoming a fashion blog creator. But,that was because I had little information on blogging for beginners.


That is why I want to show you how to create a blog of your own with the steps I learnt when I was setting up mine. The tips I will be sharing may help you to start a successful fashion blog.


The guide on this page is specifically for people who want to know how to create a fashion blog easily but it is pretty much the same step when you want to create any other blog.




I actually started my blogging on wordpress using their free hosting and domain feature. (Yes you can actually start a blog for free on wordpress  here).

It was doing quite well until I messed it up. I am not going to go into details of how I messed it up because it saddens me whenever I think about it.


Moving on, I started my fashion blog primarily to showcase african fashion styles and lifestyles trend that are taking the world up by storm.


But I realised a lot of people especially where I come from (Ghana),have very little to no knowledge when it comes to setting up a blog.

This factor really inspired in creating this post for people all over the world to know that you can create a blog no matter where they are.

I hope this post on how a fashion blog is created helps some one out there.


So let’s get started. But first….


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How to start a fashion blog


What the heck is a blog?


As a wannabe blogger, it is very important you know what a blog is. A blog, you should know, is a pet name. Haha Just joking. A Blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written contents.


A blogger mostly writes about things from his or her own point of view. Blogging tends to connects you well with people who visit these sites.


Anyone and everyone can startup a blog and write about anything they want. You need to learn seriously about how to be a blogger to get to know the ways of blogging.


Again, Let’s look at……


Why you should you (not) start a blog?


There are several reasons why you should or not start a blog. But the number one reason that shouldn’t deter you from starting a blog is being a good writer.


Yes! you don’t need to be a New York best selling author nor a shakespear lover before you can write on your blog. As a matter of fact,most bloggers write mostly in informal ways.


So why should you (not) start a blog?

Here are three reasons below.


  • To be able to expres your innermost feelings and share it with the world.

         Blogging can serve as a means of expressing your deepest feelings              and sharing it with the world.


  • Make money from home.

       Blogging can be quite lucrative when you put your mind to it. There           are several ways a blogger can earn an income through blogging.

      For example, Adverts can be displayed , sponsored posts, affilliate              marketing etc. All these can serve as a source of income for bloggers.

  • Creating a sense of belonging

           Most people who read blog posts are people who want a sense of               belonging.

        They comment on blog posts that relates to them in some way. For              instance, a blogger who writes about how he or she is dealing with             a particular problem may get readers who are also going through               the same problem.

        This makes the readers feel that they are not alone in that situation.



Create a fashion blog in 4 easy steps


Creating a fashion blog or any other blog as a beginner is easy these days. Blog creation can be achieved in 3 easy steps.


  • Picking a blog name
  • Registering a domain extension
  • Getting a web hosting
  • Installing a theme


We are going to look at all these steps in detail. Please don’t give up too soon because it is going to be quite lengthy. I suggest you grab a cup of coffee to keep you going. Lol




If you want to start a fashion blog, it is quite important to choose a blog name to go with it.

In choosing a blog name, you should first consider what your blogging brand is going to be about.

Your blog name should atleast have a portion of what your blog is about.


Let’s take my blog’s name as an example. Although I admit it’s long and boring, you wouldn’t have to guess what my blog is about. The name says it all.

You can also use your name as the name of your blog. You won’t get penalized for that.


To find out if your blog name is already in use by another blogger, I recommend searching for it on google.

If it has already been taken, google will surely let you know. You can read more on choosing a blog name by the blogpioneer. He has a mean number of good tips when it comes to choosing a name for your blog.


But remember, do not add spacings in your blog name. Rather, you can use dashes or articles in your chosen blog name; if you find out its already in use. Eg.




Alright,so now that you have a blog name figured, is now time to register for a domain extension.


Image source:


A domain extension is a top level address when it comes to internet address. It can be in the form of .com, .net, .org etc.

The most recommeded domain extension is the .com as it gives your blog name a more professional look. But it really doesn’t matter the kind of extension you get.

I recently purchased a .xyz domain from Namesilo for $0.99 for a year and guess what? the world didn’t come to an end as domain experts make it seem to look like

Use this tool to find out if your blog name and the domain extension you chose are available or not.




To get your blog online, you need to have a web hosting and blogging software.

A web hosting company stores all your files and delivers it to a user when they type in your blog name. Like for me, I use godaddy web hosting platform to host my blog.


But there are other recommended webhosting companies like bluehost, siteground,hostgator, Namecheap etc. who all offer a hosting platform to host your blog



The blogging software I use and recommend is wordpress.

WordPress is the world’s number one software for blogging when it comes to ease of use and speed.

If you have ever asked yourself a question like “how do I start a blog for free?” Then your answer is wordpress.

You can create a free blog using various free webhosting sites

. and Blogger by Google offer totally free webhosting.

In all honesty and truth, I will not recommend you to start with free webhost. This is one of the deadly mistakes most new bloggers make that I greatly advice against.


Note; It is not a must that, you register for a domain and webhost from the same company. You can decide to register your domain and webhosting with different companies.

Companies like Namesilo Namecheap and Godaddy are the best known when it comes to cheap domain name registration.




  • Ease of use . Godaddy has a an easy to navigate user interface plus a stellar customer service.
  • Affordable. Whent it comes to cheap hosting,godaddy is what i recommend. I use a basic plan and i got it for as low as $1/m. Isn’t that cheap?
  • Free domain. When you decide to register with godaddy, then, be ready to receive a free domain. In fact, all plans come with free hosting.
  • Automatic wordpress install. WordPress has a partnership with godaddy where all the coding has been done there.

Just click on the wordpress in your Godaddy account and voila! you are now on your way to make a blog of your own.


But,do I recommend Godaddy hosting?


With all the reasons listed above,I don’t recommend godaddy hosting for various reasons. Since this is not a hosting review blog post, I will skip the details. Let me know if you want to know my reasons for not recommending it.


I would probably move to a better webhosting platform. I am thinking of bluehost as it is the top recommended hosting company by bloggers.


But then, if you want to start with Godaddy because it is cheap,then head over to website learners. They have made hosting and registeration on Godaddy real easier.





Most of these webhosting companies require that you pay for a number of years upfront before you can get a discount from them.

The good news is that Namecheap offers a monthly pay options that are incredibly cheap. What’s more, you can start with them for free for 30 days before you start paying them every month.

You can start with start your free 30 days Webhosting any time you are ready to start your fashion blog site or any other blog.


Ok! So you picked a blog name, registered for a domain extension and got yourself a hosted site a.k.a webhosting.what next? I suggest you Keep on reading to find out.






As a fashion blogger or any kind of blogger,one thing that needs to stand out on your blog is the theme you choose to use.

The theme you will eventually decide to install must be attractive. An attractive theme can keep readers glued to your blog.


There are hundreds of themes you can choose from on wordpress. Some are paid others too are free. It is all up to you to choose which suits you.


I use a free theme by themify ultra. Although it’s free, you can see it has the looks and feel of a paid theme. They have  paid versions that are really worth trying out.


But I will recommend that you stick to a freebie theme if you are a beginner and don’t have much dollars to spend around.

You can always upgrade to a paid theme as and when you can afford it.

After all,the most important factor to me, when it comes to choosing a theme, is its mobile responsiveness.


That is,it should be able to adapt to all screen sizes and types without much hustle. Most free and paid themes have this feature which is quite comforting.


How To Install A Theme On WordPress

  1. Go to your wordpress admin dashboard

  2. Click on Appearance>themes>install theme>upload theme.

  3. Wait for your theme to be installed 


Note: All paid themes come in a .zip file so you will need to upload it to your site.

Etsy has beautiful and cheap theme sellers you could actually buy and use. The good news is that they often come with free installation.

Louisa who has a pretty much “off tha hook” fashion blog bought her theme from etsy. I fell in love with her blog because of the theme she uses.

Now that you have your theme set up, what’s next?

It is time for you to set up your pages on your site. Follow this guide from WP BeginnerWP Beginner to set up your page correctly for your site.





If you are reading this part, then congratulations are in order to you because it means you are ready and willing to start a fashion blog or any kind of blog.


You will agree with me that starting a fashion blog is not as difficult as it sounds.


Starting a blog as a beginner may seem like a daunting task at first. But,when you get the ropes and lanes of it,  you can easily navigate the ins and outs of it with little stress.

Let the passion of what you want to blog about over take your senses and it would propel you to success.


As a wannabe blogger, it is always important to learn and learn the things that will make your blog work and be successful.

It has been months since I started mine and I know I still have a long way to go before my blog can take the shape I want (I’m a slow learner).


Before I wrap up on how to start a fashion blog, here are some blogging resources for creating a blog as a beginner.


Blogging resources for starting a new blog


Choosing a blog name and domain




Most recommended webhosting



Themes resources



Is there anything else you would like to know about creating or starting a blog? Let me know in the comments section below. I will there waiting for them




How to start a fashion blog




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