I couldn’t believe how dumb I have been in not realizing that facebook has a scheduler for pages. I was so bumped and ashamed when I found out about it. Anyways, I know how to do it now and will be sharing it with you in 8 simple steps. Take note;the scheduler does not work for Facebook personal accounts. It works for business accounts only. Don’t say I didn’t warn you (lol).

For the purpose of understanding, I will be using my page for the steps. Hope it helps you.

Brief background of my blog

If this is your first time of visiting my blog,I warmly welcome you. My blog is about showcasing African fashion and lifestyles. It is not a techy blog if that is what you were thinking. Sorry to burst your bubble. My purpose for this post is to help other bloggers,especially,fashion bloggers who run Facebook pages like mine. So, let’s dive straight in to the post

This is how to schedule a post on Facebook


Login to your business page on Facebook and click create post as shown with the red arrow.


Select the type of post you want to schedule. I wanted schedule an image so I selected the photo/video option as shown above.


How to schedule a post in facebook

Select the image or video post you want to creat and click next. I hope I’m making sensense? No scratch that question. So far so good right? OK let’s go on. Make sure to read to the end to find out the importance and benefits of post scheduling.


How to schedule a post in facebook

Click on publish. Now,this is where the magic lies. When you click on publish, you get two options shown above. Click where the blue arrow points to.

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How to schedule a post in facebook

After going through step 4, this is what pops up. Click on the schedule text there. We are making progress. aren’t we ? If the steps shown so far are not clear, let me know in the comments section below.


How to schedule a post in facebook

After clicking on the schedule, two boxes pop on your screen. One for the day in which you want your post scheduled and the other box shows the time you want the scheduled post to be posted. The proven and ideal times to post on Facebook are Mondays,Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12pm to 3pm.


How to  schedule a post in facebook

Finally, you can now click on schedule and “voila” your post is scheduled.

Before I share the final step with you, let me share with you the importance and benefits of scheduling posts on Facebook. You ready? Let’s go

  • You don’t need to pay money to schedule a post in facebook .
  • It saves you a considerable amount of time.
  • You can schedule as much as you want in a day and forget running to post on Facebook all the time


And the final step i’m going to share on how to schedule a post in facebook is to relax and do something with the time you would have used in creating posts on Facebook one by one to do something else. Maybe lunch with the hubby,bf,wife or gf or you can simply click on this link to stock your brain with my blog posts. It’s all up to you.

Warning: my blog is full of African fashion stuff. Click here at your own risk

I hope this post has helped you. You can get more on scheduling a post in facebook on Hootsuite blog by clicking here


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