Kente cloth styles

These latest kente styles are simply riveting. Kente is a very popular cloth in the western part of Africa especially in Ghana where it originally comes from.

Kente styles

It is mostly worn on special occasions to symbolise the rich culture of Ghanaians.

Kente is becoming more and more popular these days especially in the western world. The word kente originates from the Akan word “kenten”

which when translated into English, it means a woven basket.

I simply love kente in however and whatever it’s turned in to.

The geometric designs makes the kente stand out wherever they are worn to.

Attend a Ghanaian engagement and wedding ceremony and

You would be wowed by the different kente designs worn by the brides and guests.

In a typical Ghanaian wedding, the parents of the bride adorn themselves in beautiful kente

which the groom bought for them as part of the bride price or dowry.

If you are a Ghanaian soon to be bride or a guest and you are looking for the latest kente styles,

scroll down for all the stylish kente gowns and dresses selected from top kente designers. They are simply stunning.


I get asked by this question a lot of times. Kente can be expensive when the quality is top notch. The price could range frof $500 and above.

But, in my honest opinion, the highest amount you should pay for kente should be $2000 to $2500. Anything above that is outrageous. The low cost kente would be around $100 to $200.

You can check out previous posts on 10 stylish kente styles and elegant kente styles. They are equally stunning as the ones shown here.

I hope you got a style for your kente cloth. If not click on the links above for more Kente styles.

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