Mercy Johnson’s weight and belly fat loss

Mercy Johnson’s weight and belly fat loss has become something which is worth talking about. For those of you who don’t know Mercy Johnson,let us give a bit of information about her. Johnson is a well known African actress born and raised in Nigeria. She is a house hold name when it comes Nigerian movies. Johnson is a mother,a wife,compere and entrepreneur.

The secret to Mercy Johnson’s weight and belly fat loss

The actress was a voluptuous lady naturally; coupled with baby making,exploded her weight. But we all know that, as a celebrity, she needs to keep up appearances and that included keeping watch of her weight and belly pooch. In a post on her blog, she said waist clinchers were what she depended on to hold in her belly from showing whenever she dressed up.This,we agree to an extent that, it could be a daunting task.

When she realised the clinchers and the Google method of loosing belly fat and weight were not working,she decided in her own way to try out natural fruits,vegetables and herbs to see if they would work for her. According to her post, changes started occurring in her body within a matter of days after combining these fruits, vegetables and herbs in her daily routine. The actress also sites regular workout and proper meal plan as part of her belly fat loss. She again states that, commitment,discipline and a lot of consistency is the key to a successful weight loss journey.

Mercy Johnson

Johnson has come out with her flat belly and detoxifying system tea. She claims that the tea, which is made from all natural herbs, helps in the detoxification of the system which is an important factor when it comes to belly fat loss. She says it works properly when it is combined with healthy meal plan and a daily work out routine. The product,which is called Mercymagic flat tummy and slimming tea, can be purchased via online on through her website.

Mercy Johnson

Our Thoughts on her weight and belly fat loss

Having a bit of flesh is not bad. Being fleshy with good eating habits goes a long waayyyyy. But being overweight with bad eating habits is detrimental to one’s health and as such we commend her for the feat she has achieved and even going as far as to share her method with us. Mercy Johnson’s weight loss indeed sends hope to those who think and feel that they cannot loose their unwanted weight gain.

More photos of her new look

Mercy Johnson’s weight and belly fat loss has indeed reshapened her to the max. She looks fabulous in these photos. We wish her all the best in this journey of hers!

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