Plus size Ankara dresses

Plus size Ankara dresses 2

These plus sizes Ankara dresses are the must-haves for all plus sizes. Coming from a background that absolutely adores plus sizes, you can’t help but want to become one. In Africa,being too skinny is frowned on. It is believed that all African women should have a bit of flesh. A little bit of boobs and “ass” makes it complete.

I remember going on diet some time ago. My dress size moved from size 12 to size 6. People kept on asking my mom why I looked so sick. My mom had to keep explaining to them that I was not sick but rather, a personal choice of mine. They still didn’t get it. To cut the story short, I gained some pounds back to save my mom from the endless questions about my health. I realised it was so silly of me to change who I was naturally. The only thing I had to change was my bad eating habits. Eating healthy these days, has been the best life changing experience I have ever done. Plus size totally rocks.


I just hate it when plus-sized women are so conscious of how they look and what people may think of them when they dress up.They end up putting on baggy clothes so that they don’t draw any attention to their existence. It so pisses me off. Like how on earth do you feel disgusted with how you look? There is absolutely no sense in it. As a plus-sized myself self I always dress up and I don’t think about what others think of me. Nothing is ever gonna make me ever dress down. No way!!! And what is the better way to show off? Yup! My own plus-size Ankara dresses! Go search more styles here

Here are some plus size Ankara dresses and styles every plus sized African woman should try on.


Aren’t they bold and beautiful? They are right!

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