Uses of shea butter

Last time, I posted about how to get your skin to glow using raw Shea butter. Today, I am going to talk about the other benefits and uses of Shea butter. You would be suprised of some of its uses. There are a lot of shops online that makes getting shea butter easy these days


Shea butter contains natural essentials that are good to use and help in preventing a lot of mishap on our bodies. Shea butter contains vitamins,plant sterols ,cinnamic esters,etc which are all good for the skin. Let’s check out some of the uses of Shea Butter below. Ya ready?

Shea butter is used in treating eczema

Use Shea Butter to treat eczema

I bet you didn’t know about that right? Due to the presence of the cinnamic esters,it helps in treating eczemas. Just rub it at where the eczema is showing and poof! You are good to go. But wait! Report extreme eczema cases to a dermatologist!

Intense moisturizer

Shea butter can be used as an intense moisturizer

If you have a dry skin the best moisturizer to use is Shea butte.Use it on your skin day and night for the best results! I know people wh use it together with black soap. That is ,black soap for bathing ando Shea Butter for moisturizing. It gives the best results.

Anti inflammatory

Swelled bug bite

Do you have a bug bite? Has it swelled up? Then I’m glad to tell you that Shea Butter can help it bring the swelling down.

Scar eraser

It helps erase scars

Shea butter can also help in erasing scars and especially dark spots if you had acnes. I personally have a testimony to share on this. I had loads of mosquito bites scars on my legs and I used Shea Butter intensely for 3 months ( yes! for better results). It completely cleared all the scars on my legs. You can try it out too

Eases nasal congestion

Shea butter can be used as a
Nasal decongester

Nothing can be compared to being unable to breath due to clogged nose. It’s darned terrible. To ease congestion in the nose,apply Shea butter into the nostrils. Within some minutes your nasal will be declogged.

As a hair conditioner

Shea butter when applied to wet hair ,helps to seal in the moisture in the hair. The most amazing part is, it leaves your hair shinning. Isn’t that lovely?

Applied on dry lips

Shea Butter can be applied on dry lips

Winter is coming!!!! Why should you have your lips dry and cracking when there is Shea butter to prevent it? Apply some and you are good to go.

Minimizing stretch marks

Got stretch marks on your body? Apply Shea butter to it daily to tone it down. I have not seen Shea Butter completely erasing stretch marks. It toned mine down. You can try it out to see. Who knows! It may erase yours!

Prevents sunburns

Sun burn

Shea butter can help prevent getting sun burnt. Yh apply generous amount to where it easily gets sun burnto. Thank me later!

Relieves nappy rash

Nappy rash

Just apply Shea Butter on the rash to relieve the itchiness and burn the rash down

Helps to prevent rigor mortis in dead bodies

Yep!!! Dead bodies. If a person is found dead in an uncomfortable posture,Shea butter can be used to straighten out any rigid part of the corpse. My grandfather died sitting in a chair. His neck and arms were stiff due to his posture. Shea Butter was applied to the stiff parts and it worked like magic

Do you know of other uses of Shea butter?Let us know in the comments section below

Shea Butter is an all natural body butter which has a lot of benefits. The uses of Shea Butter are uncountable. In this post, we share with you some the benefits and uses of Shea butter

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